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The SHORTEST DAY took place in Spain for the first time in 2013, organized by the Spanish Association for short films, coordinadoradelcorto.org, with 100 selected short films distributed in 20 recommended programmes. The main goal is that everyone can organize a Film Festival for friends and neighbours in order to celebrate short films everywhere: schools, hospitals, streets, bars, every place is wellcome to screen.

In addition to this, anyone could upload their short film to our channel and have the opportunity of having their short seen by everyone. The contents were on-line and the particular events used the great HD-streaming from Vimeo. Finally 82 public screenings of short films took place all over Spain.

Several national TV channels (TVE and Canal +) broadcasted special short film programmes, the Cervantes Institute created a playlist of short films for its centres worldwide, National Filmboard and all regional filmboards also participated, as the FNAC department stores with some of their 24 stores, the Microsoft Space in Spain and a whole bunch of events that also took place on one day.
The short films can be watched on streaming from any device on the day, and we encourage people to pay tips at the end of the screenings or the on-line viewings.

The Shortest Day is an idea that was set in motion by the French Short Film Agency in 2011, in which 2,5 million people from all over the world participated. In 2012 the initiative was emulated by other countries, such as Germany, who managed to organized 175 screenings in 35 cities, in locations as diverse as preschools, libraries, prisons, etc. In 2013 grew into a truly international event, with the affiliation of a total of 12 European countries, as well as Canada.

In 2015, the European participants has grown to 17 countries and it’s been said almost 50 countries worlwide will be celebrating short films together.